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Karnafuli Steel Mills Ltd.

Karnafuli Steel Mills Ltd.

IN Electrical
Investor Name:
Karnafuli Steel Mills Ltd.
Published Date:
December 10, 2023
Sitakunda, Chittagong
About Project

Project Completed: Electrical System & Automation Works

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the “Electrical System & Automation Works” project for Karnafuli Steel Mills Limited. Volt Mills Energy Limited, entrusted with the project on a Turnkey Basis, executed the comprehensive scope within the defined timeline and budget, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

Project Overview:


Karnafuli Steel Mills Limited

Executing Agency:

Volt Mills Energy Limited


Our professional team demonstrated unwavering dedication, successfully delivering on the following key aspects of the project:

  1. Transformer Installation and Cable Management:
    • Completed the installation of transformers for both High Tension (HT) and Low Tension (LT) systems.
    • Efficiently laid and terminated HT and LT cables, ensuring optimal performance.
  2. Panel Installation:
    • Installed Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB), Power Control Centers (PCC), Power Factor Improvement (PFI) panels, and all control panels with precision.
  3. Control Infrastructure:
    • Erected control posts and control desks for streamlined operations and centralized monitoring.
  4. Junction Box and Instrumentation:
    • Implemented various types of Junction Boxes (JB) and installed instruments, including necessary piping for cable management.
  5. Cable Laying and Termination:
    • Executed meticulous cable laying and termination for power, control, communication, and networking purposes.
    • Ensured seamless connectivity from panels and control desks to field devices.
  6. Earthing System:
    • Laid and terminated cables for the earthing system, establishing a secure grounding network from JB to destination points.

The successful completion of the “Electrical System & Automation Works” project for Karnafuli Steel Mills Limited highlights Volt Mills Energy Limited’s commitment to delivering turnkey solutions that meet and exceed client expectations. Our professional team’s expertise, combined with efficient project management, enabled us to achieve project milestones within the designated timeframe and budget.