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Armour Garments Ltd.

Armour Garments Ltd.

IN Fire Detection System, Fire Protection System
Investor Name:
Armour Garments Ltd.
Published Date:
July 20, 2023
East Rampura, Dhaka
About Project

We are pleased to announce the successful execution of a Fire Protection System and Fire Detection System project at Armour Garments Ltd (A Concern of Envoy Group). This project was not only completed within the stipulated timeline but also within the client’s budget, exemplifying our commitment to excellence.

In adherence to industry standards, we meticulously followed the guidelines set forth by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and the RSC throughout the project.

The comprehensive scope of the project encompassed the following key components:

1. Design of a Fire Hydrant System in strict accordance with NFPA standards.
2. Design of a Fire Detection and Alarm System, also compliant with NFPA standards.
3. Supply and installation of a UL Listed Vertical Turbine Fire Pump.
4. Procurement of Fire Hydrant Valve and Related Accessories.
5. Installation of the Fire Hydrant System.
6. Testing and commissioning of the Fire Hydrant System.
7. Supply of Fire Detection System Equipment.
8. Installation of the Fire Detection System.
9. Testing and commissioning of the Fire Detection System.

To ensure the timely completion of this project, we deployed a dedicated engineering team, whose unwavering commitment to the task at hand ensured its successful and efficient execution.