MCCs offer an optimal solution for consolidating electrical motor control, automation, and power distribution within a compact and cost-effective package. Essentially, they serve as assemblies designed to control electrical motors.

Renowned for producing and supplying precision-engineered Industrial MCC Panels in Bangladesh, VOLT MLLS ENERGY LTD upholds a commitment to perfection. The company designs and manufactures MCCs with the capacity to handle larger loads, tailored to clients’ specifications and compliant with international standards.

With over 5 years of experience, VM ENERGY LTD has designed and manufactured LV MCCs with the following objectives:

  • Flexibility: Motor control centers can be produced in various variants with capacities of up to 5000A horizontal and 1600A vertical bus for maximum flexibility.
  • Premium Quality and Services: Prioritizing user experience, VM ENERGY LTD designs MCCs with the highest degree of safety, ease of installation and maintenance, reliability, and flexibility.

At VM ENERGY, to ensure safe motor initiation, the company mitigates heavy starting currents and provides overload and under-voltage protection. Commonly used starters include Direct On-Line, Star-Delta, Soft Starter, and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). In MCC designs, various components such as solid-state motor controllers, analog/digital metering, feeder, fuse disconnectors, breakers, and other switchgear components are incorporated.


  • Non-Compartmentalized
  • Compartmentalized
  • Withdrawable/Removable
  • Intelligent MCC



The significance of power factor correction lies in its ecological impact within electrical circuits. In circuits with resistors, the current aligns with the voltage, being in phase. Conversely, when dealing with inductive loads such as motors or transformers under no-load conditions, the current lags behind the voltage. Similarly, capacitive loads, like capacitors, cause the current to lead the voltage. Understanding and correcting the power factor becomes crucial for ecological reasons in optimizing energy efficiency within electrical systems.

  • Smart ventilation and customized design.
  • Compliance with IEC 60831-1 & -2 standards.
  • Extended lifespan. Harmonic control through filters or reactors.
  • Extensive selection of advanced controllers.
  • Capable of handling up to 2400kVAR.



We are one of the prominent manufacturers of electrical distribution boards in Bangladesh, specializing in the production of panel boards, breaker panels, or electric panels. These distribution boards are integral components of electricity supply systems, effectively dividing the power feed into subsidiary circuits with individual protective fuses or circuit breakers, all housed within a common enclosure. Our esteemed clients have access to an extensive range of Distribution Boards crafted from top-quality raw materials, adhering to international quality standards. Renowned for their superior performance, energy efficiency, sturdiness, and extended functional life, our products receive high acclaim from clients nationwide. To ensure flawless products, our highly skilled quality controllers meticulously assess this range against various quality parameters.

Construction Features

Construction Features

  • Compartmentalized Or Non-compartmentalized.
  • Composed of MS CRCA/SS.
  • Both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Operable from a single front or double front.
  • Heat dissipation through the use of exhaust fans or louvers.

Bus Bar Arrangement

Bus Bar Features

  • Electrical Grade Aluminum / Copper Busbar
  • Main busbar chamber at top / bottom of the Panel
  • Separate chamber for vertical dropper
  • Busbar supports of SMC/DMC Material
  • Top / Bottom cable entry. Detachable gland plate for cable entry

Assembly & Wiring

Wiring Features

  • Selection of components from Approved / Reputed vendor
  • Design of Internal Layout for optimum usage of space
  • Internal wiring with  PVC coated stranded Copper Flexible Wires
  • Crimping Lugs are used for internal Connections / Terminations