Lightning Protection System (Lps)

Volt Mills Energy Provide Lightning Protection System Solution. A Lightning Protection System (LPS) is designed to protect a structure or building and contents from damage caused by the intensely high voltage currents of a lightning strike (often exceeding a 1,000,000,000 Volt Amps). Protecting the building and its contents from external electric fields by migrating that energy around the cage instead of through its contents. A lightning protection system offers a lightning strike a low resistance path to ground where the enormous energy is then safely dispersed. 

EFFECT OF LIGHTNING STRIKES TO BUILDING When lightning strikes a lightning rod, a large lightning current flows into the ground through lightning rod conduction wires and steel framework of the building. A magnetic field is generated by the excessive electric current and a surge voltage is induced in cables and electronic equipment by electromagnetic induction. An induced voltage is generated in equipment near the grounding cables and in buried electric lines by surge current that flows into the Earth. Lightning current is large which will cause damage to nearby electronic equipment such as computer systems and telephone exchanges (PBX)


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