Cable Tray

Volt Mills Energy Supply various types of cable tray. Cable trays are capable of supporting all types of wiring such as High Voltage Power Lines, Power Distribution Cables, Sensitive Control Wiring, Telecommunication Wiring, and Optical Cables. A cable tray wiring system provides safe and dependable ways to save now and later. Most cable tray systems are fabricated from Aluminum, MS sheet, Stainless steel, Pre-Galvanized Steel or Hot Dip Galvanized Steel.

Product Features

  •  Cable trays are available in six basic types,   
  •  Ladder Type Cable Tray.   
  •  Solid Bottom Cable Tray.
  •  Trough Cable Tray. 
  •  Channel Cable Tray.   
  • Wire Mesh Cable Tray.
  • Single Rail Cable Tray.
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